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Simone Biles

Sport with meaning.

The pressure and stress to which an elite athlete is subjected can end up breaking down and taking a toll on their mental health. 

We have been reminded this week by the case of Simone Biles, renowned American gymnast who won 24 years of 30 world and Olympic medals. She aspired to everything in these Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020 after qualifying for six artistic gymnastics finals, a historical record that no one reached since Barcelona 92.

However, after a jump for which he did not have a good scorehe left the track and reappeared announcing his retirement.

When I walk on the carpet, it’s my head and me. I deal with the demons in my head. We have to protect our mind and our body and not just do what the world wants us to do.”

Simone Biles

These were the words of Simone Biles at the press conference after withdrawing from the team final. Brave and difficult decision of Biles. It is an example of meaning in sport.  

WELL-BEING above all.  High athletic performance is not possible without high personal performance. 

As simple as that.  
If you are not well, you do not give your best version or enjoy your work. Because no success will be enough if we don’t take care of ourselves. First the person. Then the athlete. If right now

Your head is affecting your physical performance it is time for you to stop. Stop and reflect on the consequences of DOING NOTHING. Because sometimes this simple question: What can happen if I don’t do anything? … Changes everything. 

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