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Healthy-Winning Mindset

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We all have a “mindset.” It’s not something you choose, it’s something you have.

The “mindset” we have is the result of “how we think” most of the time.

It is there whether we like it or not, and it influences us, whether we like it or not.

When I talk to athletes after having competed that day, there are times when they tell me “moments of trips”, moments in which they were not focused and began to compete badly without knowing why. “I left.”

If you are an athlete, you probably remember a moment like that or similar.

Lack of mental training makes us vulnerable.

These trips, for example, are the consequence of lack of attention. We take our attention away from the game, from the present moment and begin to worry about “how the other is playing”, about “the point or opportunity I just lost” or about external and not important stimuli (coaches, stands, conditions etc).  This player has “the mind” out of the game.

Another very common case occurs at the end of the match. When athletes are having a hard time, they have a lot of pressure or are not comfortable, win or lose, they do not come out well on the court.

This occurs because the discipline and pressure to which they are subjected is so high that they do not allow themselves to bring attention to themselves. They only have eyes for the goal, for “the great goal.”  This is having the mind away from oneself.  What happens is that sooner or later we have to face that discomfort; and in the worst case it ends up nullifying all your efforts to continue moving forward.

To train the winning-healthy mind is to understand that both winning and being well are important for a player.

And that in both cases, the lack of training, distances us from our goals.

As I said at the beginning the mentality is a consequence, that is to say that if you do not train it, you will have a bad mentality, little functional, “poorly trained”.  And it will give you bad results;  negative thoughts, fear, lack of concentration, low tolerance for uncertainty, feelings of sadness, lack of mental clarity… and as a consequence… not only will you play worse, you will also be neglecting the person behind the athlete and you will have to deal with all these feelings and thoughts off the court.

I explain the concept

The winning-healthy mentality involves 2 things:

  1. Train high performance sports skills.
  2. Understand the importance of including well-being in an athlete’s training.

It involves training the athlete and the person; learning tools of sports mental performance to win; but we also include tools of emotional management, pressure management, and tools of well-being, because when we feel good, we play better.

Knowing what we do, why we do it and where are we going… Knowing our strengths and weaknesses, activating a mentality that allows us to bring out the best in us at all times, and using our skills to our advantage;  not only will we earn more, but we will be more engaged, safer, happier and calmer.

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