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Let’s talk about fear

Do we all have fears?

Yes. We are all afraid. All. 

Because fear is healthy. It’s natural.  It’s functional. 

Today I’m going to tell you something that you may not have thought about or don’t know yet.  Fear is healthy. 

The healthy

Fear protects us.  It is a natural response that has been born after years of evolution to protect us and prevent us from doing nonsense. (Like eating poisonous fruits, approaching dangerous animals, or throwing ourselves off a cliff) 

Fear is natural (I repeat) and functional.

So yes.  It is normal to be afraid (this fear, the healthy one)

The Unhealthy

The problem is not this natural response of our body to dangerous stimuli. The problem comes when:

1- There are NO real stimuli (You are afraid of something that does not really exist, that you cannot see or touch, fear of “disappointment” fear of “not being enough” fear that “something bad will happen”)
2- When the fear is DISPROPORTIONATE.   (In these cases we tend to think a lot, even when we do not want to, our head does not stop worrying about everything and we suffer a lot of mental noise) 

What we have just seen literally explains something that thousands of people in Spain suffer: ANXIETY.

A person is anxious (has stress, excessive worries or excessive need for control) when he worries (1) about things that have not yet happened or (2) when he worries too much about everything and does not stop thinking about everything.

And this is no longer fear, nor is it healthy or functional.

Pretending not to be afraid is not logical.

We need this protection for survival, to be alert and to make better decisions.

And fear (healthy) is not the same as anxiety (unhealthy)

Is the fear on the court good? The fear of my opponent?  Will talk about that here.

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