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Fear in competition

Last week we talked about fear. How unhealthy fear has taken over thousands of people and has made many good people end up mediocre.

We considered fear in general terms and how it affects us. Today we will take it to the 9th ground that interests us, to the sports field.

Is the fear on the court good? The fear of my opponent?  Yes… but in quotes.

Let’s talk about fear in quotes

Fear we said is a natural, and functional response.  What is natural or “normal” Why remove it? it is there because it is part of physical and mental survival, so to say that the ideal would be not to be afraid is to deny our own nature. 

To understand this fear in quotes, we must differentiate it from anxiety or pathological fear (which is what paralyzes us.)

Fear in quotes is healthy sports fear.

 The one that arises out of respect for the opponent because you know that you play against someone who is a threat in a sense; it threatens your position and your work. 

– And the one that also arises from responsibility and commitment.  With your work, with your training, with your goals. You care about what you do and there is a healthy physiological activation of “fighting” and achieving goals. 

This fear produces concentration, overcoming, motivation and increased performance. It’s a healthy fear.

Now, pathological fear is something else.

Insane fear is what produces discomfort. 
 It is the one that leads to an excess of thought and a decrease in actions.  It blocks you; it makes you insecure. 

Examples of these fears are the fear of losing (and the consecutive decrease in performance), the fear of defrauding, if not enough, the opponent (not out of respect but out of fear)

That is, everything that produces a decrease in performance or a blockage. 

Fear in quotes is part of the competition, it helps you prepare earlier, and perform during.

Pathological fear boycotts your performance and can cause you to compete at much lower levels than you train.

Has it ever happened to you? Have you seen it clear in any colleagues?

If you may be having pathological fear or feel that you should work on it, contact me and we will do an evaluation to see what is blocking your functioning or promoting fear. 

PS: wise phrase that I love about this:

“Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than exposure to it. Life is a daring adventure or it’s nothing.” – Helen Keller

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