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3 keys to making good decisions

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1. Decisions are neither “good” nor “bad

Depending on HOW you face the decision will be good or bad, it is not the decision itself. Decisions are not cause and effect, do not give so much importance to decisions, at any time you can make another decision and move the direction of your path. No decision is immutable.

2. You have to make the decisions for yourself.

Make your decisions thinking about what you want, your own growth and your own progress; regardless of the impact it will have outside. Stop focusing on others. As long as the process of making that decision is an elaborate and argumentative process (not a mere impulse), then you are on the right track. The important thing is how we deal with decisions. Trust your judgment.

3. Work on your introspection.

If you want to make good decisions you must know how to listen to yourself. To do this you must know two things:

What you want and where you want to go.

What’s important to you?. What are your priorities and your values?. If you make your decisions aligned with your values, and your projects, they usually go well. And if they don’t, learn and try again. 

Don’t be afraid of changes.

Don’t be afraid to make decisions. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

Be brave and keep growing, only then will you be able to build a path worth traveling.

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