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Rafael Nadal

It is inevitable to speak today of the man who has made history once again.

“Winning 21 Grand Slams is not within anyone’s reach, but if you also achieve it after being almost six monthsoff and after going back two sets against in a final that touches five and a half hours, we are talking about an epic feat that will be engraved on fire in the history of tennis.”

In case anyone is clueless, we are talking about Rafa Nadal.

Yesterday Domingo conquered a record that has made history; 21 Grand Slams.

Rafa Nadal is the clear example that the person goes first and then the athlete.

With this mentality you understand two things:

1. That what the person does not have, the athlete does not have.  Discipline, perseverance, humility, respect, passion, commitment. 

2. That what you do not do in your day to day you will not do on the track.  Physical and mental training is daily. There is no “inside” or “outside”; it’s a constant. It is understood that Rafa Nadal does not stop being Rafa Nadal when he leaves the court, right?; because the same thing happens if you are the one who leaves the track. 

If you want to be successful you must understand that what you do every day, has an impact on the athlete you are. (Or in the professional you are)

Understand this and you will move forward by leaps and bounds

I will not tire of repeating it; in fundamental to understand that the athlete is born of the person and not the other way around. 

Of their values, of their commitment, of their discipline, of their tools; and this is NOT trained on the court; he does not train Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It’s a mindset that goes with us every day in every decision we make. 

A mentality whose goal is NOT TO WIN, (that’s the sporting goal);  the goal is to develop a vocation, a passion and do it in the best possible way (this is the personal goal). 

What gives us a purpose, gives us a purpose.

“It’s personal… whether you like what you do or not is important; whether you are passionate about it, and whether you feel what you are doing is important to make sense of what we do.”

Rafael Nadal

What Rafa teaches us with these words is that his sense of life is sport, and that is the ultimate reason for his effort, his perseverance, his sacrifices and his work.  And like any vocation, the simple fact of being able to carry it out is satisfying. 

Winning and losing are consequences of the sports mentality; and although it is part of the essence of the sport and its emotion;  it can destroy us as athletes if we do not give it a meaning 

Start the week with energy, strength and train your mind well! 🧠

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