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Is there an “ideal” character to compete? 

Let’s talk about the sporty character.

Is there a character that works best to be a professional athlete?

Is there an “ideal” character to compete?

First let us define character: “It is the set of qualities or circumstances of people, which distinguish them, by their way of being or acting, from others.”

Not bad. Influences? Yes. Is it decisive? No.

Character influences whether or not to facilitate certain adaptations to sports situations.

For example: communicating on the field, facing an opponent, maintaining firmness, intimidating on the field (etc.)

That is to say that if I am a person with a “stronger and more expressive” character, the above situations are probably more natural for me than if I am a person with an introverted or expressionless character.

HOWEVER. None of them make us a good athlete or determine individual performance.

If we look around us we will see that there are athletes with different characters and personalities.

There is no “ideal” character.

What is decisive are the individual and interpersonal variables that influence optimal performance performance. 


You don’t need an “X” character to be the best.

Don’t compare yourself. 

Don’t seek to be someone else.

Don’t look into the reflection of others.

Focus your energy on what really matters and what will make a difference.

Focus your energy on optimizing YOUR performance.

Train discipline, perseverance, confidence, self-demand, self-control, attention and concentration.

THAT (with the necessary physical and technical variables) is what makes an athlete, whatever character he has, become an elite athlete.

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