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Cinderella’s stepsisters are in your head

Lets talk about blame.

To understand how horrible blame is I am going to use a fairytale.

The blame is the “horrible sister” of responsibility. Have you seen Cinderella? 

The fault would be these two useless and noisy, whiny and abusive stepsisters of poor Cinderella.  

As much as Cinderella does her tasks everyday and tries to stay content, the stepsisters littered and ridiculed any attempt by Cinderella to get things right.  “It wasn’t enough” 

Guilt makes everything that comes after it look worse, tainted by this horrible feeling of “not being enough.” Working the guilt on the athlete is fun da men such. Working the guilt regardless of not being an athlete is just as important. 

Although it seems exaggerated, it is not. This is how we act with ourselves many times.
Ridiculing what we do well, or dirtying it with demands and pressures that make us not value the present or the achievements we have.  

Because no one wants to have two annoying and cruel stepsisters.  

An athlete without confidence, combine with guilt and inability to let go of mistakes ...ends up being a frustrated or depressed athlete like poor Cinderella.  With this feeling of “not doing or being enough”.

And unlike Cinderella who had nothing to do with the two firecrackers, you have the possibility to work and eliminate guilt from your life. You have the possibility to grow and have a successful career.

It’s not easy, but it’s not as hard as you think.

Everything starts in your head.

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