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I also saw the Champions League and this was what I thought

Let’s see, I don’t follow football, at least not as many people do. 

But yesterday there were some friends of mine here in Las Palmas (from Madrid) and watching the final was indisputable. 

“Patricia, you’re going to see that this season has been incredible. What a comeback” 

“Patricia, it’s going to be amazing, you HAVE to watch it!”

Anyway, they end up convincing me and  I saw the game. 

I was mentally prepared for something GREAT.

But honestly, I was disappointed, I thought.. for this so much hype?

The game seemed bland, slow and somewhat boring, I thought maybe it’s just that I didn’t understand the game well.

Anyway, speaking later with my friends they told me that it is normal that I did not experience the game with emotion, but that, when you have been following them for a while and seeing how they have come from behind games and the miracles they do sometimes, you empathize in another way and enjoy the game. 

This made me think that sometimes we believe that things are unimportant to us or even that they do not go with us, simply because we haven’t given ourselves the chance to be transformed by something new, we have not given ourselves enough time.

And I’m not talking just about the Champions League, I’m talking about opportunities that we let pass in our life because we mistakenly judge that they do not go with us. 

Today I am writing to tell you something that you may never have considered… 

But that has the potential to change a very important part of your life: training your mindset.

And not only training it but getting to understand how your brain and your mind work so that you can achieve your goals and become the person that you want to be.

If you think this has nothing to do with you… Give it time and you will be surprised. 

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