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This happened to one of my clients

She had been working hard for this competition.

Training extra hours, doing a lot of physical work, and studying well her opponent. She even had a defined strategy for that game.  

She was well prepared and ready to rock. 

Then something happened…

She began to hear critical words, comments about how badly she was performing, how unprepared she was, how her opponent was stronger and faster, hard to beat… 

She was trying to concentrate, but the words kept reaching her ears. 

She lost concentration, started to miss points that she shouldn’t miss, she lost focus and was only able to listen to those hurtful words. 

All the hard work of these months was being thrown away. 

She was going to lose the competition if she keeps listening to that. 

The problem was that these words did not come from her coach, or from the crowd, they came from her head. 

Focusing on her mistakes and letting negative thoughts take control, end up creating absolute chaos in her head. 

He had trained almost non-stop, had a technical strategy and was physically superior to his opponent, but he forgot something fundamental……Mental training.

Even if we think we have managed to control our thoughts, sometimes that won’t be enough.

In moments of crisis, tension, in critical moments is where a great athlete really differs from an average athlete.

And what makes an elite athlete able to manage all of that is not mere physical training or experience, it’s the mental training.

Perhaps what has been holding you back or blocking you until now hasn’t been a lack of discipline or training…

Perhaps you are doing everything right but as my client, you didn’t know how powerful mental performance is.

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