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Achieving the impossible

Carlos (his name is different, but I always change it to maintain the privacy of my clients)

Anyway “Carlos”, is studying a career. 

He does it because he wants to, he likes studying law, he always wanted to be a lawyer, and this is something he does for his future.

Carlos is also training on a basketball team. 

He does it because he wants to, loves to compete, is semi-professional, and is even on a scholarship. Basketball is who he is, so he says.

Carlos is capable of carrying both things in a balanced way. 

He studies efficiently because he knows he has very little time, and he makes good use of the mornings after training (he trains very early in the morning and then in the afternoon again). 

He has learned study techniques, speed reading, and efficient planning and he knows how to organize his tasks so that they do not have to occupy more time than necessary. 

Doing both; studying and training at a semi-professional level is not easy. 

But Carlos knew he wasn’t going to leave either option aside, so he had to find a way to make it work. 

Now he has the energy to train and energy to study. He accomplished the impossible.

But not long ago, it was all chaotic. 

He sometimes went to basketball training without sleep because he had to study. He missed some training because he had exams… 

Other times he was tired in class because of the hard training, and it seemed impossible to cover both. 

No wonder! Dedicating to one of them already requires a lot of effort and energy. 

But Carlos is not a person who settles for anything and is unwilling to give up. 

He knew that achieving both was ambitious, but he had already achieved things that seemed impossible until they were done. 

What was clear to him was, in addition to his goal, that he did not want to waste a single month, not a single quarter, trying to do everything at once by not asking for help; he knew that this time the challenge was too big to do it alone…

So, he called me. 

He said: “I have an impossible. I have a professional sports career and a professional career. And I want both, at least for now. Until I see if the sports can continue to grow.”

Can you help me? 

And that was the beginning of our work together.

An ambitious dream. 

A clear goal. 

The rest of the story I already told you. 

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I am very happy to have reopened the channel; I hope you receive it with the same love I created. I still need to adjust some things for the next video (like the audio, but this is a journey! I will learn in the process. The important thing is that I started!)


See you soon.

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