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Consume judiciously, here is why.

I don’t ask my lawyer how to cure my throat if I’m sick.

Even more, I don’t listen to my lawyer if he gives me medical advice.

I went to “El Corte Inglés”, and passed by the bookstore area, looking for something about economics to read.

Then I approached the self-help ones (I already knew what I was going to find, but hope is the last thing that we should lose)

Indeed, books about psychology written by authors that talked through their own experiences or from ridiculously short or generalized knowledge…

  • Patients who have had anxiety talking giving advice on how YOU should manage it.
  • Doctors (they study a lot, so… it seems that their experience gives them a degree in psychology)
  • Journalists talking about psychology
  • Entrepreneurs (who talk about performance “by experience” because they are “killing it”, so you should too if you do the same…)

What do I think? That they are not aware of the repercussion of speaking without knowledge and that they are unethical and irresponsible.

Well, this is ALL over us all the time

It’s in the TV, the news, the social media…We listen to people talk about thing they don’t know and we sometimes even put their opinions or their own realities above ours and our reality.

But we cannot control that.


What is important here, is the voice of the consumer.

The consumer’s criterion.

Because people giving you S*** are always going to be there.

And we have control over ourselves. What we consume, what we buy.

What we consume, ends up being part of us.

And we are talking about mental health here. Because habits, concentration, training your brain, and learning how to perform and manage stress or pressure are part of mental health too.

Because in the end, it is in your power to choose a good service, a good book or a good professional.

Rather than eliminating unconscious sellers, we must make conscious consumers.

Because that’s how the first ones disappear.

I can help you perform better, achieve your goals, and manage what surrounds the incredible sacrifices that we make to get to our dreams.


I follow a method.

A rigorous, standardized, and serious one.

Costly in time, energy, and resources.

Because what we do here is to work from science and from psychology.

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See you soon!

And don’t buy a book (or anything) from people that don’t know really (above their experience) what their talking.