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Foundations vs Objetives. Only one will lead you to success.

Yesterday I was talking to a friend I hadn’t seen for years.

We were catching up, talking a little about how we were doing on a personal and professional level.

Suddenly we were talking about choices, and all the decisions we have been making these years.

We discussed the importance of being clear about our foundations to make the right decision.

And today, I want to talk to you about this, about why it’s more important to know what your foundations are than what your goals are.

Many people are blinded by their goals, blinded to achieving the result they have set out to themselves.

Sometimes, this results will lead them to be the people or professionals they want.

But other times, not.


Because achieving results in life doesn’t mean doing things right.

There are a thousand examples of people who have results (getting more incomes, selling their products, entering a higher sports category, moving up job positions …) but they arrived there unethically or without reflecting on the impact of their actions.

Well, here comes our foundations. Foundations differentiate good professionals and ethical professionals from the ones that are just focused on results.

Foundations are nothing but our values.

And don’t forget one thing, your work (whether you are an athlete or not) is a medium. Something that you have chosen to be and relate to the world.

It is not the ultimate goal. (or shouldn’t).

Each of us decides what that ultimate goal is, but from professional experience, it is never work.

I can tell you that it is usually something like “I want to be happy”, or “Enjoy my life”, or “have a meaningful life”.

And to get to this, the foundations are the ones that should guide your decisions.

Because if you let yourself be guided by results, you may look back, think that what you’ve achieved doesn’t make sense anymore.

That is why, for me, values are a fundamental part of my work and my company. And everything I do, I do it thinking about the impact it has on me and others.

If, like me, you want to align your work and performance to your foundations, contact me. We will work on reaching your best version, not only to achieve results but so that you become the best version of yourself in the process and a solid professional.

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