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An old man in a greengrocer with a lesson to teach you

Yesterday I went to the greengrocer, and there was an adorable ancient.

He was trying to get the clerk to give him a paper bag because he didn’t want to use the plastic ones.

The man was older; you could tell that it was difficult for him to stand, and probably his hip, knees, or both hurt because he had a constant, almost rhythmic movement that people who suffer from joint pain usually have.

Even with all that (visual) pain, the ancient waited patiently.

After a few minutes, a girl in a hurry arrived, she did not realize that the man was waiting and gave quickly a bunch of bananas to the clerk that she wanted to buy.

Still upset about having to stand, the gentleman took a step back so that the girl could pay and leave.

When it was finally his turn, the man asked for his paper bag and put two apples in. Then asked for the price, pay and leave.

Patience implies empathy; it means being able to put your urgent needs before more important ones (yours or others).

Patience hurts. It involves being able to bear an annoying load, a job, or a situation that is not pleasant.

Patience is hard. It tests us. In a world where everything goes so fast that we don’t even know where to stand, it’s hard to practice something that seems to go against our routines nowadays.

But patience is one of the most essential and necessary virtues we can develop.

For life and for high performance.

At a personal and professional level, patience is fundamental to success.

Do not think that patience is an exclusive virtue for those who are “born like this.”

It is a skill that is learned and trained. And like all training, it involves certain sacrifices or uncomfortable moments.

Just remember this image of the ancient in the greengrocery.

He was able to wait patiently despite his pains; why wouldn’t you be able to practice patience despite the difficulties you encounter right now?

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