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We all deal with these 3 things in September

Yesterday I received a customer call. An athlete.

He had already been a few weeks in pre-season.

He contacted me because he needed to manage well the fatigue and energy he was using now, so he doesn’t arrive exhausted to the new season.

Far from what you may think, pre-season is not a relaxed period.

It is a period of pressure and must be managed correctly.

Whether you are an athlete or not, we all deal with 3 things in September:

  • Expectations (of the season and of result)
  • Demands (To achieve the desired performance)
  • Difficulties (previous to achieving what we want or current)

Today I want to remind you of something that I hope will help you prepare this month and will strengthen your mental performance for the preseason if you are an athlete.

Remember two things:

1- It is a long road, a long-term career. And to win the race, you have to hold on until the end.

Include breaks, if you don’t include daily or monthly periods to readjust or to rest if you don’t, you will probably tend to have “very good periods” and then “very bad ones”.

Being able to stay consistent is only possible if you keep yourself balanced.

2- Performance (in work, sports or physical) starts from your mental strength.

Boost your confidence. Boost your security. This way, when a difficulty appears or something does not go as expected, you will have more tools and motivation to move forward.

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