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Cinderella’s stepsisters are in your head

Lets talk about blame. To understand how horrible blame is I am going to use a fairytale. The blame is the “horrible sister” of responsibility. Have you seen Cinderella? The fault would be these two useless and noisy, whiny and abusive stepsisters of poor Cinderella.  As much as Cinderella does her tasks everyday and tries to stay content, the… Read More »Cinderella’s stepsisters are in your head

Rafael Nadal

It is inevitable to speak today of the man who has made history once again. “Winning 21 Grand Slams is not within anyone’s reach, but if you also achieve it after being almost six monthsoff and after going back two sets against in a final that touches five and a half hours, we are talking about an epic feat that will… Read More »Rafael Nadal

3 keys to making good decisions

1. Decisions are neither “good” nor “bad“ Depending on HOW you face the decision will be good or bad, it is not the decision itself. Decisions are not cause and effect, do not give so much importance to decisions, at any time you can make another decision and move the direction of your path. No decision is immutable. 2. You… Read More »3 keys to making good decisions

Fear in competition

Last week we talked about fear. How unhealthy fear has taken over thousands of people and has made many good people end up mediocre. We considered fear in general terms and how it affects us. Today we will take it to the 9th ground that interests us, to the sports field. Is the fear on… Read More »Fear in competition

Let’s talk about fear

Do we all have fears? Yes. We are all afraid. All.  Because fear is healthy. It’s natural.  It’s functional.  Today I’m going to tell you something that you may not have thought about or don’t know yet.  Fear is healthy.  The healthy Fear protects us.  It is a natural response that has been born after years of evolution… Read More »Let’s talk about fear

Healthy-Winning Mindset

We all have a “mindset.” It’s not something you choose, it’s something you have. The “mindset” we have is the result of “how we think” most of the time. It is there whether we like it or not, and it influences us, whether we like it or not. When I talk to athletes after having competed that… Read More »Healthy-Winning Mindset

The sports bubble and its dangers

Paula Badosa, an “almost” broken game. “Everything you see in a match is the consequence not only of what has been done outside, but of the personality and mental state of the athlete. ” Xavi Budú Last week I read in sports how Paula Badosa had faced not only a hard career path, but an even more difficult… Read More »The sports bubble and its dangers

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