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Consume judiciously, here is why.

I don’t ask my lawyer how to cure my throat if I’m sick. Even more, I don’t listen to my lawyer if he gives me medical advice. I went to “El Corte Inglés”, and passed by the bookstore area, looking for something about economics to read. Then I approached the self-help ones (I already knew… Read More »Consume judiciously, here is why.

Self-sufficiency and responsibility

I am having a very frustrating month. Everybody is on vacation, and I’m not, which is okay; that’s not the problem. The problem is that everything I need to get done is in others’ hands, so it is being delayed for weeks. I don’t know if you are on vacation (probably not if you are… Read More »Self-sufficiency and responsibility

Achieving the impossible

Carlos (his name is different, but I always change it to maintain the privacy of my clients) Anyway “Carlos”, is studying a career.  He does it because he wants to, he likes studying law, he always wanted to be a lawyer, and this is something he does for his future. Carlos is also training on a basketball… Read More »Achieving the impossible

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