Do you still think that the solution to your lack of results is simply to train more?

In high sports levels, being the fastest, strongest or tougher won’t be enough.

Athletes who manage to headline their team, win sponsors, and maintain long-term results, have learned how to implement their mind power in service of their performance.

Put your mind to work and get ahead of your competitors

Individualized, science-based, and hands-on process.




This program is designed for those athletes who want to solve a specific difficulty or improve a specific performance skill.

It is an efficient program focused on training what concerns you most. It also includes a complete performance evaluation.

  • 5 high-performance sessions
  • + 1 Performance evaluationincluded
  • + Mind Power Boosterincluded
  • + Additional material and practical exercises


This program is designed for a comprehensive follow-up and optimization of your performance; including an evaluation of your mental performance, the influencing variables, and your competitive performance.

  • 12 High-performance sessions
  • If needed: Coordination sessions
  • + 2 Performance evaluationsincluded – (one at the start and one at the end)
  • + 1 Match Performance Evaluation – included
  • + Mind Power Boosterincluded
  • + Additional material and practical exercises

All our programs are:

  • ONLINE – We know how precious time is. And we know how tight your schedule is.
  • ENGLISH / SPANISH – All our private services are available in both languages.
  • YOU CHOOSE THE SCHEDULE – We optimize everything. Without calls or intermediaries. You choose days and times in accordance with the objectives set.
  • WITH WAITING LIST – We take clients in order of arrival. If you are interested, we encourage you to contact us so that we can start working together as soon as possible!

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