The science of psychology now on sports performance.

Success is only available for those who train their mind.

Little by little we are changing our perspective of sports and valuing the importance of mental training. We are beginning to understand that success is only available for those who train their mind into getting there.

My mission is to implement Sport Psychology not only to performance programs and sports teams, but to the daily life training of the athletes.

Mental Power, that’s the key. Because in high sports levels, being the fastest, strongest or tougher won’t be enough.


High-Performance Psychology Training for Junior Athletes

Practical and theoretical performance work with Junior athletes.

OBJECTIVE: To empower the person behind the athlete, so that he can evolve, train and compete at his best.


  • Training mental skills fundamental for high performance.
  • High academic performance and personal management.
  • Accompaniment to students with (or that want to get) sports scholarship.

High-Performance Psychology Training for Professional Athletes

Master your inner game.

OBJECTIVE: Optimize the tools of the athlete to be able to compete, train and perform to his maximum potential.


  • Seasonal work, planning goals and achieving optimal performance.
  • Training mental skills fundamental to high performance.
  • Mental work in injury recovery

High-Performance Psychology Consulting

Puntual session to adjust or improve something specific.

OBJECTIVE: Evaluation of the current state of the athlete, intervention in a specific difficulty, or punctual advice

Ideal in cases of:

  • Evaluation of the current state of performance.
  • Intervention in a specific difficulty
  • Timely advice.
  • Training in a specific skill

All our services are:

  • ONLINE – We know how precious time is. And we know how tight your schedule is.
  • ENGLISH / SPANISH – All our private services are available in both languages.
  • YOU CHOOSE THE SCHEDULE – We optimize everything. Without calls or intermediaries. You choose days and times in accordance with the objectives set.

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